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Monday, December 26, 2016

The Limerick Summary: 2016 Draws to a Close

Crooked Stick at sunset

One last Limerick Summary for 2016. So much happened this past year -- the Olympics; the Ryder Cup; "Mr. 58" (Stephan Jaeger); "Mr. 57" (Jim Furyk); the new DJ Rule; the deaths of Arnold Palmer, Dawn Coe-Jones, Cristie O'Connor (Sr. and Jr.), Peggy Kirk Bell, and caddie Ian MacGregor (that's not a complete list, obviously, just the best-known); and major breakthroughs by DJ and Henrik Stenson, just to name a few -- there's no way to cram it all into a single limerick.

So I decided to add a single picture. What do you think?

There's an entire page of "Photos of the Year" at this link over at I chose the photo above, of Crooked Stick at sunset, not just because it's tied to two of the big events (DJ's major and the DJ Rule) but because a sunset seems appropriate for the end of the year. (It's also a bit stormy-looking, but that's been a topic this year as well, hasn't it?)

So, with the new year only a week away -- and the SBS Tournament of Champions just a few days later -- I offer up this simple goodbye to one of the most eventful years golf has seen in quite a while.
Just a little more holiday cheer
And then golf's coming back—never fear!
Wave the old year good-bye
Then we're off to Hawaii!
Just one more week left till it's here.
As I said, the photo's from this page at

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