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Monday, December 19, 2016

Thomas Pagel on the Teeing It Up Podcast

I'm skipping the Limerick Summary today. After all, there's been no new golf this past week (nor will there be any for the next two weeks), so three generic Limerick Summaries in a row just seems a bit ridiculous to me.

USGA's Thomas Pagel

Instead, I'm passing out information. You may remember I did a couple of posts on the new DJ Rule a couple weeks back, and in this one I mentioned Jeremy Shilling. Jeremy hosts the Teeing It Up podcast on iTunes, and he messaged me to let me know that he's going to have Thomas Pagel from the USGA on today's podcast. (That's Thomas in the photo above.) They're going to talk about the DJ Rule, among other things.

The podcast happens this morning and, as soon as Jeremy sends me the links, I'll update this post so those of you who are interested can find it quickly. I should get them sometime today.


Okay, here are the links.
If Jeremy gets me a link directly to iTunes download -- apparently there's a technical issue with it right now -- I'll add that to this list.

The podcast is about 16 minutes long.


  1. There was the Hyundai China Ladies Open, the season finale for the CLPGA and the opener of the 2017 KLPGA season and given the general Korean dominance in women's golf it is an event no Chinese player has triumphed in. That includes the hottest player on the planet right now, Shanshan Feng, who finished solo 4th, 3 strokes behind Hyo Joo Kim. Half of Kim's ten career KLPGA victories have occurred in China, including three at this tournament.

    1. Are those leaderboards available in English, IC, or only in the original languages? I don't read Chinese or Korean.

    2. Some of my fellow members of the forum did a good job scouring the web for news and pictures of this and many other tournaments. The CLPGA does have an English section, and the page for last week's tournament is here:

    3. A quick primer here: you will notice when you click the "Result" tab on the page that some of the Korean players have numbers after their names. They're not part of their official names, but rather were appended by the KLPGA to denote, for example, that Min Ji Kim 5 is the fifth different person named Min Ji Kim in the tour's history. It is an unavoidable byproduct of the fact that just over half of the Korean population share just ten common surnames.