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Friday, January 27, 2017

Belen Mozo's "12 Yards in 12 Minutes" Routine (Video)

Okay. Belen Mozo says you can add 12 yards by doing just 12 minutes of exercises. I'm not so sure I believe that.

But then again, you should be forewarned that these are not easy exercises. Let's take a look.

Okay, she's got four different exercises here:
  • Belen calls these mountain climbers. I've seen a similar exercise called mountain climbers, but they didn't involve the leg crossovers she's doing. Do one set in two minutes, then rest one minute.
  • Lateral vaults. Mountain skiers do something similar to improve their cornering. Do one set in two minutes, then rest one minute.
  • Dumbbell stand-ups. Combines a sit-up and a momentum move from the floor to a standing position. Do one set in two minutes, then rest one minute.
  • Rotational jumps. Four sets -- 90°, 180°, 270° and 360°. Do a two-minute set of each, with a one-minute rest in-between each set.
That's 12 minutes. If you try them, I strongly advise AGAINST doing two-minute sets. In fact, I strongly advise against doing this routine AT ALL! These are going to be hard, even if you try to take it easy. And I mean REALLY easy! If you've never done them, even a few regular mountain climbers are draining. This routine could do serious damage to someone who isn't used to that level of exertion.

So why am I posting this video? Because you need to be aware that, just because a golf pro says they do a routine and a golf magazine posts that routine, it doesn't mean that YOU should do that routine! BE CAREFUL!

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