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Friday, January 6, 2017

Peter Kostis on Ryan Moore's Swing (Video)

I thought it might be interesting to take a quick look at Ryan Moore's swing today, given that he made two eagles at Kapalua on Thursday. Here's what Peter Kostis said about Ryan's swing a few months back at the John Deere:

Since I wrote about driving distance yesterday, here's a couple of interesting facts about Ryan. He's 5'9" and averaged just over 283 yards off the tee last year. He's averaging over 306 this week (that's after 8 drives, if you care to know) but that just goes to show how much difference course conditions can make.

While Ryan's move at the top is a bit unusual, there are a number of players who have similar moves. (Though some of the others are more pronounced; Sergio is one such player.) Ryan brings the club up more vertically in his backswing, then really 'lays the club off' as he starts down.

When Peter Kostis says "If you gotta have a major loop in your golf swing, you want it in that direction," he means that Ryan's loop puts his club UNDER his backswing plane on the way down. That makes Ryan tend to draw the ball.

If you make a loop that comes OVER your backswing plane on the way down, you're probably coming over-the-top.

That looping action is more of an old style move from back when players tried to create a 'two-plane swing' -- think about Sam Snead, for example. Many modern players tend to try for a 'one-plane swing' where the downswing plane is almost identical to the backswing plane.

But then again, Ryan Moore has always taken more of a classic approach to golf. And as we've seen over the last year, that old style swing of his is very effective.

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