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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Joint PGA/LPGA Tournament Buzz

On the off chance you missed it, new PGA Commissioner Jay Monahan did an interview with Rich Lerner over the weekend and casually mentioned a desire to make the SBS Tournament of Champions a joint event with the LPGA Tour.

Rickie Fowler and Jessica Korda at the US Open at Pinehurst in 2014

The exact details of this proposed joint event haven't been explained. At this point, the most likely format would seem to be separate events contested at the same time. That would allow the men and women to play together on the same course, likely in mixed groupings. With each tour's field limited to around 45 players max -- after all, it would be unusual not to have a few multiple winners -- the shorter January days wouldn't pose a problem.

Plus, with the time difference between Hawaii and the mainland US, it would be a primetime event.

Given how often the pros on both tours have expressed their desire for chances to play together, this seems like an undeniable opportunity for everyone involved, from players to tours to broadcasters to sponsors. And since Monahan has already shown a willingness to break with convention -- this year's Zurich Classic has already been changed into a team event -- and since Mike Whan has done little else but innovate since he took the reins of the LPGA, this could happen sooner rather than later.

When it comes to taking the golf excitement meter up a notch, it looks like 2017 might actually give 2016 a run for the money.

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