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Monday, January 9, 2017

The Limerick Summary: 2017 SBS Tournament of Champions

Winner: Justin Thomas

Around the wider world of golf: Things are only getting started at this point. The Bahamas Great Exuma Classic just started yesterday (with a Wednesday finish), and the Morgan and Friends Tournament (sponsored by The Morgan Pressel Foundation to help fight cancer) is going on today and tomorrow.

Justin Thomas with SBS trophy

I don't know if they're shown internationally, but on Sunday night NBC broadcast the Golden Globe Awards. (You know, recognition awards for American and international TV and film.) I think it's appropriate that they fell on the same day that we gave out the first official golf trophy of 2017.

In this case, we recognize an unusually unique performance by one Justin Thomas.

I can hear you now. Justin stumbled a bit coming down the stretch, losing a five-stroke lead and allowing Hideki Matsuyama to get within a stroke at the 17th tee. Then Justin birdied, Hideki bogeyed and, with just one hole left, Justin pretty much cruised to a three-stroke win. What was so unique about that?

It wasn't the margin, although GC said only Phil and Tiger have also won each of two of their first four events in a season by three strokes. (I think I got that right. Sometimes I wonder if the stats guys really have nothing better to do than find unusual combinations of facts like that.) And while this was Justin's second win of the wraparound season -- the other was the CIMB Classic in October -- getting two wins in a season is hardly unusual for a good golfer.

No, the unique aspect is that Justin beat Hideki for BOTH of his wins this season... and he's the only guy to keep Hideki from winning all of his last six starts. So you could call this a repeat performance of sorts. And with both players in the Sony Open later this week, we could see this battle again.

But in the meantime, Justin Thomas will have a few days to savor his first Limerick Summary of the year, his second of the season, and the third of his career. See? The awards are already beginning to add up...
With a field full of winners to start
In Hawaii… guess who played the part
Of the year's leading man?
Fans gave Justin a hand
For a starring role he knows by heart.
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