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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Golf's Urban Legends Exposed

Here's a cool Golf Digest article explaining the truth about some of golf's most common urban legends. How long will golf balls last? How long will clubs last? Are range balls better than new balls?

Fish exploring a golf ball

It's a short post covering six questions golfers often have. Personally, I was most interested to learn how long golf balls last if I don't lose them. But, the article cautioned, playing balls you found in the water isn't a good idea.
"Water can seep into the core, and that costs you distance and speed," [former golf-ball designer Dean] Snell says. "Velocity slows after 48 hours in the water, but the ball really loses speed after two to three weeks in the water."
Take a look if you have a spare moment. It's a very informative post.

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