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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Michael Breed on Hitting Hybrids (Video)

Super short tip today from Michael Breed on how to hit a hybrid. (He says it works with a fairway wood as well, but it will probably help with any shot played off the turf.) If you're topping your hybrids -- or maybe even hitting them fat -- this may be the key for you.

This is yet another way to think about keeping the club in front of you. You'll find Michael's tip much easier to do if you think about dropping down from the top of your backswing, rather than driving your legs hard to start your downswing. Too much lateral motion in your downswing will cause you to twist your chest skyward at impact -- that's simple physics.

So try Michael's tip and hit the ball when the center of your chest is pointed at your lead foot. It's a simple image to keep you from spinning out at impact.

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