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Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Latest on the Rules of Golf Update

Lately, many of my posts seem to be links to other websites. But there has been so much happening lately that I feel referring you to these other posts are the most helpful thing I can do.

And I finally have a link about the update to the Rules of Golf that we've all been waiting for.

USGA President Diana Murphy and Executive Director Mike Davis

Golf Digest's post on the update doesn't give us a lot of specifics, but what we do get is tantalizing:
What’s expected to be revealed is nothing short of the biggest restructuring of the Rules in decades. “It doesn’t fundamentally change how you think golf is played,” Davis said. “What it does do is fundamentally change the understanding of the rules, why they are the way they are, and how they’ll be communicated.”
That includes a re-organization of the Rules that is expected to blow up the current 34-rule structure.
That post refers to the rumored changes that were reported last month, and this Golfweek post can fill you in on those if you only heard about the changes secondhand.

The most stunning news from this new post is the dramatic re-organization that is predicted. Given that there will be a more visual presentation, I'll be very interested to see how the new Rules are going to be organized... and if the book will be any thinner! If a more visually-accessible book is in the works, the book itself could end up being much larger, even if the number of rules is actually reduced.

Finally, we now have a date for the big reveal. The new and improved Rules of Golf -- at least, the proposed changes -- will be made public sometime in March.

The post is very informative, so check it out. That way you'll be better prepared for what's coming next month.