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Thursday, March 2, 2017

A Primer on the New Proposed Rules of Golf (Video and Links)

The full extent of the changes that are being proposed to the Rules of Golf caught everybody a bit offguard, I suppose. Rather than try to sum them up -- after all, the restructuring changed things from 34 to only 24 Rules, and Thomas Pagel says it may actually be more dramatic than the numbers say -- I've just decided to give you some online references you can check to get a handle on what we may see going forward.

First, here's a video from Morning Drive, featuring Mike Davis and Thomas Pagel, with some of the discussion:

That page also has links to some other videos, plus the link to this page, which seems to be the clearest explanation of the proposed changes that I've found. The changes are presented in a table that's very easy to read. IF YOU'RE JUST GETTING YOUR FEET WET, THIS IS WHERE I WOULD START.

Here's a brief article from that contains some of the immediate responses from Rory McIlroy, as well as the Tour's stance on the changes.

This USA Today post by Christine Brennan is a bit tongue-in-cheek, but I can't say that I disagree with her. Her point is that golf has other problems that are more pressing in terms of increasing its popularity, although it's clear that she's in favor of the proposed changes.

Golf Digest has put together this 31-slide presentation of the proposed changes.

Likewise, has posted this article with their take on the project. This article is one of the longer ones I found on the topic.

Here is the USGA's official hub page on the whole modernization project. And here's the R&A's page, in case you're "across the pond" and would prefer their site.

One last link: Jeremy Schilling sent me the official iTunes link to his podcast interview with Thomas Pagel from a few weeks back. You can also pull up the original link at Jeremy's blog, which is listed in my bloglist over in the sidebar.

That should be enough to satisfy all your desires to discover the ins and outs of the projected changes. Remember, we've got roughly six months to give the USGA and R&A our feedback.

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