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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Announcing the New Quick Guide MEGAPACK!

[UPDATE: The paperback version is now available as well. You can order it through all the regular bookstore channels like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. for $39.99. That was the easiest way to make a paperback easy-to-get and also give you folks free shipping.]

I have always loved the concept behind the Quick Guides. Instead of a single expensive book that touches on fifty topics but covers nothing thoroughly -- which is common in a lot of golf books -- each Quick Guide is focused on a single topic and tries to give a fairly complete lesson on how to do it properly. I think I've been fairly successful with that goal.

And apparently a lot of you agree, because many of you have bought one. In fact, many have come back again and again, buying different ones each time. Quick Guide MEGAPACKHowever, since I started doing the Quick Guides back in 2012, the publishing industry has changed. What used to be a fairly simple act of publishing now requires that I do six or seven different formats of each book. So, in the future, I'll be doing my guides in an as-yet-undecided format. The existing Quick Guides, of course, will all remain in print, available as they have always been.

But for some time now I've wanted to do a special promotional ebook, one that would be available only through this blog and from Smashwords (they allow worldwide distribution without going through all the different booksellers). And since I'll be doing future books in a different format, I found myself with a unique opportunity to do just that.

So here it is, The Quick Guide MEGAPACK, a single collection of all six Quick Guides for $19.99. That's about 35% off the price of buying all six individual books.

As of today you can buy PDF, EPUB and MOBI editions from this page, right here on, and the EPUB is available from Smashwords. (PDF and MOBI editions will be coming to Smashwords as well, but those are yet more formats I've got to create! They'll show up on the Smashwords page as soon as they are available.)

Some of you may never have downloaded a book that didn't install automatically on your reader. It's actually very easy -- and if you don't learn, you're missing out on the huge number of LEGALLY FREE ebooks available on the Web. (For example, Project Gutenberg, which has sites in the US, Canada and Australia, among others, offers Harry Vardon's book The Complete Golfer.)

You'll find the buttons to purchase each format of the book BELOW, complete with basic instructions on how to load them to your devices. It's not hard at all.

And as usual, EU readers will need to buy from Smashwords since I have no process for handling VAT at this point.

PDF $19.99 Add to Cart View Cart

Most of you probably use the PDFs on your desktops and laptops, and use Adobe Reader. You already know how the system works. But if you use PDFs on your Kindle or Apple device, they are treated just like the native formats as described below.

MOBI (Kindle) $19.99 Add to Cart View Cart

Did you know that your Kindles, whether they are readers or apps, have an email address? Just log into your Amazon account, go to the "Manage Your Content and Devices" page, click the Settings tab and scroll down to the section labeled "Personal Document Settings." There you will find a list of email addresses -- the main one for your account (mine is simply called "Michael's Kindle"), as well as addresses for each separate device or app. Then just create a blank email, attach your MOBI file to it, and send your book to the main address. The book will then become available to every one of your Kindles.

EPUB (Apple iBooks) $19.99 

Add to Cart View Cart
I suppose that most ereaders use the EPUB format, but Smashwords tells me that most of you are getting your EPUBs through the iBooks Store. So if you start up iTunes, you can use File/Add to Library or just drag the book to your Books library. Then you just sync your devices like usual.


And once again, here's the MEGAPACK page at Smashwords. As soon as the MOBI and PDF versions are available, they'll show up on that page automatically and I'll update this post as well.

So here's your chance to get all six Quick Guides at once for 35% off the regular price of buying them all. Many of you have written to tell me how much they helped you; hopefully this will make them affordable for even more of you.

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