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Friday, March 10, 2017

The Fangs Were Sent to the Wrong Course

I'm in shock. I've been trying to follow the play at the DLF Golf and Country Club (the course for the ET's Hero Indian Open in New Delhi) and the Copperhead Course at Innisbrook (where the PGA Tour is playing the Valspar Championship).

And it's clear that the DLF is the course with the bite!

The 550-yard par four 14th at DLF

For example, I believe this is the 550-yard par-four 14th at DLF. This hole played to 4.91 strokes during the first round! According to the ET's site, this is the hardest hole on the tour so far this season.

So far, there are only 18 players under par. ONLY 18! And there are 15 players who are double-digits OVER par! The worst score is +17... AFTER ONLY ONE ROUND.

Compare that to the Copperhead course. There are 55 players under par, with only a handful (six) yet to finish the first round. And the worst score is a mere +6.

I just don't know what to think. Granted, this doesn't compare to the legendary "Massacre at Winged Foot," aka the 1974 US Open. Hale Irwin won that one with a +7 score. But when I heard that the DLF is a new course this year and that it would be difficult, I NEVER expected it to be this hard. Especially not when compared to the Copperhead.

The Hero Indian Open bears watching this weekend. A new legend may be in the works!

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