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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Tom Watson on How to Hit a Draw (Video)

Found a brand new video from Tom Watson at the Golf Digest site on how to hit a draw. Here's the video:

Tom's advice is extremely simple. First you strengthen your grip so you automatically close the face through impact.

Then you control the trajectory this way:
  • Raise your lead shoulder and move the ball forward in your stance to hit it high.
  • Lower your lead shoulder and move the ball back in your stance to hit it low.
I definitely think you'll want to practice this before you take it out on the course. Some players will have a tendency to hold the face open and hit a slice -- it's easy to get concerned about hitting a duck hook with the stronger grip. You'll want to practice in order to find the right amount to strengthen your grip.

You'll also need a bit of practice to make sure you don't hit the ball fat or thin when you change your shoulder angle. Changing the shoulder angle could change your swing plane if you aren't careful.

But this is yet another method of hitting draws that has been successful for one of the game's legends. If you haven't found a consistent way to draw the ball yet, you might want to give this one a try.

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