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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Cheer Up, Tiger Fans!

Just a link today. Golf Digest ran an article called 9 Facts That Will Cheer Up Even the Saddest of Tiger Woods Fans. And if you're afraid Tiger is done, I think this article will indeed give you some hope.

Tiger Woods

I'm just going to quote one fact for you. It's the first one:
There have been 22 majors won by golfers 42 or older.
Tiger isn't 42 yet, though he likely will be when he finally tees it up again. There is reason to believe that Tiger will be able to play golf again once his back heals. And -- most importantly, in my estimation -- is that Tiger has always beaten other players because he thought his way around the course better than they did.

Sure, Tiger has been able to do some amazing physical feats in his career, and he has won many tournaments because of that. But he has also been able to win a huge number of events when he didn't have his best stuff and couldn't take advantage of those physical abilities. We need to remember that.

I mean no disrespect to any of the other golfers but -- and I'll pick a golfer at random here -- if Tiger Woods had come out with Matt Kuchar's game, he probably wouldn't have won as many events as he did. BUT I feel it's safe to say that he would still have had a Hall of Fame career, and would have won more than one major in the process.

Don't forget that he's won with four different swings (and approaches) so far. Is it such a stretch to believe he could do it with yet another type of game?

When Tiger finally heals, I think there's a good chance he'll have at least as much game as Matt Kuchar. And if he does, I think we're in for a great ride over the next few years.

Time will tell. But I'm not giving up yet. Tiger has surprised me too many times.

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