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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Looks Like the Freakish Week Came After All...

In yesterday's "5 to Watch" post I wrote:
And so, buoyed by last week's winning pick of So Yeon Ryu -- after that freakish ruling totally changed the final round -- I'm going to bet on another freakish week. I'm taking Westwood to get his first major this week in a low-scoring Masters plagued by bad weather.
I didn't have anything like this in mind!

Dustin Johnson

Tim Rosaforte posted this report at, and it's about as up-to-date as any full article I can find as I'm writing this (after midnight on the US East Coast). I did find this tweet from Matt Ginella, sent roughly 3.5 hours ago:

The trick, of course, is that nobody knows exactly whether this is a bruise or something more serious. At least DJ has the last time of the day today, so he's got the maximum amount of time to get healthier.

Add this little accident to the bad weather that's expected -- and for those of you outside the US, this is part of a front that has already caused serious damage not far from Augusta -- and we could have a truly strange brew of circumstances converging this weekend.

Who knows what new strangeness might emerge from Augusta National today? Depending on how DJ fares, maybe Lee Westwood isn't such a bad bet after all!

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