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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Update on the Quick Guide MEGAPACK Quick Guide MEGAPACK coverI said I'd update you guys as I got the various MEGAPACK formats out, so here it is.

As I said originally, the ebook versions are available in MOBI, EPUB and PDF direct from the blog here. That didn't help those of you in the EU countries that charge VAT, so I was working to get them up at Smashwords.

Smashwords now has a PDF and an EPUB, but not a MOBI version. They'll let me upload an EPUB of my own making but insist on generating the MOBI themselves. However, their software choked on the file and won't create a decent Table of Contents... and the MEGAPACK is just too big to use without one. That means you can only get the PDF and EPUB from them right now.

But here's the big surprise. There is now a paperback version available! (This link is for the Amazon page, but it should be available at BN and the other bookstores as well.) It's 560 pages long and the price is $39.99, which is much cheaper than buying the individual paperback versions. I simply couldn't do the paperback as an exclusive edition and still get worldwide shipping. (Or free shipping for those of you who qualify.)

I started doing these Quick Guides to try and make quality golf lessons available at an inexpensive price. Hopefully this edition will make them even more affordable.

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