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Friday, May 5, 2017

Bernhard Langer on Reading Greens (Video)

I know I do a lot of similar posts on reading greens, but it's something we all have to learn. I do a lot of posts, in hopes that at least one of them will "click" with you and make it easier for you to remember the key points.

This video is from GC's PGA Tour Champions Learning Center on Wednesday. Bernhard Langer gives you the basics of reading greens. The site won't let me embed the video, so you can use the link in the previous sentence or click the photo below to go to the GC page.

Langer on the green

A quick summary of what Bernhard says:
  • shiny grass = grass growing away from you = putting downgrain
  • dull grass = grass growing toward you = putting against the grain
  • rough edge of the hole = grass growing away from hole (Bernhard is showing the rough edge in the photo above)
  • smooth edge of hole = grass growing toward hole
And of course, if you're putting against the grain then you have to hit the ball harder.

Yes, those are the basics. Not complicated, but we still tend to get confused when we try to read greens. Hopefully this video will help you keep the basics clear in your mind.

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