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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

No LPGA Match Play Coverage, BUT...

How did the LPGA manage to create a brand new match play event and yet NOBODY GOT IT ON TV?

LPGA contingent plan

According to the LPGA, it was a budget issue with the Citibanamex Lorena Ochoa Match Play organizers. Perhaps it was for that reason that Tony Jesselli wrote an even longer preview of the event than usual. And the LPGA says they're going to try and fix this problem in future years.

But what can you do in the meantime? Fear not, I have an answer for you!

I assume you noticed the diagram I posted above, which came from that LPGA post I linked to in the paragraph just under it. Here's a quote from that post, giving more details about the workaround that the LPGA has put together.
Please go to and the LPGA app for reports throughout the week and live scoring on competition days, and follow us on Twitter at @LPGA and @LOYMEXICO for regular updates on the matches. Mexican broadcaster Grupo Televisa will air a 30-minute highlights package on the Saturday and Sunday of the Match Play while Golf Channel will carry a highlights/update package in the United States for Golf Central on each of the four days of competition. We will also be streaming on Facebook Live some of the press conferences and we plan to provide additional coverage of live action from the Hall of Fame exhibition matches over the weekend.
That's not bad for a workaround:
  • reports and scoring on and the LPGA app
  • regular updates on the Twitter feeds @LPGA and @LOYMEXICO
  • 30-minute highlight show on Saturday and Sunday on Grupo Televisa
  • highlights and updates on GC in the US all four days
  • streaming on Facebook Live for press conferences and live broadcasts of the HoF exhibition matches over the weekend
Granted, that's not as good as a hi-def live TV broadcast, but it's a pretty impressive -- and even aggressive -- use of social media to try and cover as much of the event as possible. Give the LPGA credit for trying to make the best out of a less-than-ideal situation.

In the meantime, I'd suggest you keep check on, their Twitter page and their Facebook page to see when things start streaming (or the @LOYMEXICO page for the Spanish updates). You can find all the links and apps at the bottom of the homepage.

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