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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Some Hope for Tiger

Jaime Diaz over at Golf Digest has done a long article called Why Tiger Woods' Fans Can Take Heart After His Latest Surgery. Why am I linking you to this article? Because this is the first article I've read that dives seriously into the complications of back surgery for an athlete.


Diaz not only talked to doctors about the surgery -- which is unusual among golfers, although Dudley Hart had it back in 2009 -- but also to a number of golfers who have had serious back surgery. In fact, two of the golfers who he interviewed extensively for the article, Lanny Watkins and Lee Trevino, are fascinating reads all on their own. Trevino, for example, had steel rollers implanted in his back!

Why am I so surprised by this article? Because in the final paragraphs of the article, Diaz wrote this:
It’s apparent that for the increasing numbers of Woods’ doubters, players who have been there both at the highest level competitively and through the throes of back surgery are revealingly optimistic about Woods’ playing future.
This isn't the sort of thing we're used to hearing from the golf media. Most of them seem to have written him off already. But this is the first fact-based article I've read that seemed optomistic about Tiger's return.

And that in itself makes this a must read if you're curious about Tiger's future in golf.

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