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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Some New Combo Quick Guides in Paperback

Since coming out with the Quick Guide MEGAPACK, I realized that many people were buying two or three of the Quick Guides but not all six -- or at least, they didn't want to buy all six at once. That's a problem I often face when I'm interested in buying a series of books I want. So I've been working to create some two-guide packs, all of which are out in paperback now. (I figure the paperbacks are the most expensive way to buy them.) Here are the five packs I've put out, based on the combinations in which my records say are the most popular. Confident Swings Long and Straight Short Game Smart Putter Tee-to-Green Pack

If you were to buy the Tee-to-Green Pack, the Long and Straight Pack and the Smart Putter Pack, you'd get all six books -- although it wouldn't be as inexpensive as just buying the MEGAPACK. However, that way you don't have to lay out so much money at once. (That was part of the concept behind the Quick Guides in the first place.) All of the packs save you two or three dollars over the regular two-book price.

Like the MEGAPACK, all five two-book packs are available through the regular book channels. However, unlike the MEGAPACK, the electronic versions will ALSO be available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kobo, etc. Most of them are out now, but I'm still working on some of them. (It will be a while before I have PDF versions available through my blog.)

Anyway, I wanted to announce that the paperbacks are finally available since paperbacks cost the most. And, as usual, they're all in large print. I'm pretty proud of that too. ;-)

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