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Friday, June 30, 2017

A Build-Your-Own Driving Range? Maybe...

This Golf Digest article is so interesting that I had to call it to your attention. It's about the basics of building your own indoor driving range.

Mike Rohr and his DIY setup

Yes, you heard me right. And the price may not be as bad as you think. The article details how two different folks tackled the project, each approaching it from opposite ends of the economic spectrum:
Depending on the level of technology you want, a complete build-out with turf, netting, screen, computer, software and projector will run you $3,000 at the low end and upward of $50,000 if you check all the option boxes.
This article is much more detailed than I expected when I began reading it. There are even some tips on how to improve the rig's performance.

Look, I know most of you won't try this. But it will let you see just how much the price of the technology has come down, and introduce you to the variety of available options that are responsible for that price drop.

At this rate, it might not be too long before building your own indoor driving range is no more expensive -- or complicated -- than buying and installing a really nice computer system...

And maybe replacing a window now and then. You know, when you hit that indoor hosel rocket that you won't admit you hit. ;-)

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