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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Cameron McCormick on Reverse Chaining

It's a short Golf Digest article, but Cameron McCormick's instruction on using reverse chaining to shape your shots is something you might want to try.

Reverse chaining finish position for a draw

This isn't a new idea, but it's the first time I've heard it called reverse chaining. McCormick explains it this way:
The concept is that if you know the type of finish position your body and club should be in to create a certain ball flight, your mind intuitively adapts, so your body and club know how to move to reach that destination. In other words, the downswing and through-swing happen simply as a result of trying to get into the proper finish position.
You've heard of it too, haven't you? The nice thing about this article is that he explains the finish positions you need for three different shots in a very simple, easy-to-picture way.
  • For a draw: a high-C finish (pictured above)
  • For a knockdown: stop short 
  • For a fade: swing low and left
Again, it's a very simple concept but it's something good to try if you need to eliminate extraneous mechanical thoughts. I don't know that it will work for everybody -- nothing does -- but it might make your swing more fluid, which is always a good thing.

Best of all, it's a swing thought you can try, no matter what swing method you use. Such thoughts are hard to find these days.

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