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Saturday, July 15, 2017

An Old Sand Tip from David Leadbetter

I found this Leadbetter sand play tip in an old Golf Digest magazine from January 2013. (At least, that sure seems old!) There's no tricky setup or swing moves to learn.

DAvid Leadbetter demonstrating sand techniques

The right side of the photo shows the way we're typically taught to play a sand shot -- open your clubface, open your stance, swing the club up sharply along your foot line (that's an out-to-in swing) and then try to "splash" the ball out of the bunker. Leadbetter says this leads to a steep downswing that digs in too deeply and makes sand play harder than it needs to be.

His alternative approach is shown on the left side of the photo. The setup is the same -- you still open the clubface and your stance -- but you play the ball farther forward in your stance (he doesn't say how much, but it shouldn't take much time to find a spot that works) and swing the club straight down your target line, not your foot line. This creates a slightly flatter attack angle when you hit the sand, which makes you less likely to dig too deep, and moving the ball a bit farther forward serves the same purpose.

You might wonder why you still open the clubface. Since the ball is farther forward in your stance, the clubface is going to close a bit more. If you were to set up with the clubface square to the target, you'd probably pull the shot.

This won't necessarily work for everybody. All of us have natural tendencies in our swings, and for some players this might result in a skulled shot. But if you've been having trouble getting out of the sand, this might be a technique you'll want to try.

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