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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

One of Henrik Stenson's Daily Drills (Video)

I've mentioned this drill in a previous post -- I don't remember when -- but this video from Martin Hall is new to me and it demonstrates how to do it. The last couple of minutes of the video is basically an ad, so the meat of this video is in the first three minutes.

This "pressdown" drill is one way to learn a good shoulder coil. It forces you to keep your arms straight for a large part of your swing, which helps you:
  • strengthen your core
  • increase your flexibility
  • sync up your arms and shoulders
  • learn the feel of a full finish
You shouldn't create this much tension during an actual swing, of course. This is a strengthening drill that makes it easier to turn your shoulders properly and consistently. If Henrik is doing it for ten minutes a day, he's treating it as a workout.

This isn't the only way to accomplish these goals, but it's one of the better drills you can use.

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