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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Devan Bonebrake's Center Contact Drill (Video)

This "gate drill" from GC's Devan Bonebrake should help you improve your ability to hit the ball in the center of the clubface. But what really caught my attention is his explanation of the drill. That may help you most, no matter what form of "gate" you choose to use at the range.

The idea of setting two "gateposts" on either side of your swing isn't a new one, whether you use two empty ball boxes like Devan suggests, or a couple of 2x4s or just a couple of tees. But what makes his explanation great is that he tells you what hitting the "gateposts" means, even when you don't have a ball between them:
  • If you hit the outside or "far post" -- that is, the one farthest away from you -- that means you hit the ball in the heel of the club.
  • If you hit the inside or "near post" -- that is, the one closest to you -- that means you hit the ball on the toe of the club.
Knowing what your error means is critical to successfully correcting it. Devan's explanation, as simple as it sounds, can dramatically improve your practice because most of us try these drills without truly thinking about what the mistakes mean. Remember: If your club's toe hits the "post," you heeled the shot. If your club's heel hits the "post," you toed the shot.

Thoughtful practice always results in faster improvement.


  1. Now, Kevin Kirk tells her to slow to 70 or 80% with weak grip