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Thursday, August 3, 2017

How So Yeon Ryu Got to Number One

Golf Digest just put up an article called How a Team of Aussies Turned So Yeon Ryu into the No. 1 Female Golfer in the World. This excellent article describes the changes So Yeon had to make to improve her game... and many of them are things you can do as well.

So Yeon Ryu at the US Women's Open

About her new coach Cameron McCormick, she says:
“Cameron has helped me enormously with my swing. I now have a much better understanding of what I am trying to do, to the point where I can often fix my swing in the middle of a round. Not always, of course. But even when I can’t, I now know what I am doing wrong. And that is always the first step to fixing something. I don’t have to rely on him totally.
It appears that many of her problems stemmed from the simple problem of having her clubface too open at impact. Bear in mind that she won the 2011 US Women's Open that way, so it wasn't a horrible fault by any stretch of the imagination. But it affected her strategy on the course, and it was keeping her from breaking into the Top5 of the Rolex Rankings. She had to learn a new mental approach in order to change.

In fact, the "Down Under Team" who have been helping her -- yes, all named in the article, for those of you who want to know -- all focused, in one way or another, on her mental game.

This article tells the kind of changes she had to make in all areas of her game in order to get where she is now. I think most of you will find at least one thing that will help you if you take time to read it.

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