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Friday, September 8, 2017

A Build-Your-Own Weighted Swing Stick (Video)

Another Golf Digest project video -- this time, a swing training aid from household items.

This is self-explanatory -- fill a tube with sand and seal the end with duct tape. (PLEASE NOTE: The broomstick they used is a hollow metal one.)

To be honest, I think this would be easier to make if you just bought some 3/4" PVC pipe and used screw-on or glue-on fittings at the ends. (You could still use duct tape to save money, if you want to.) While you might not have those things just laying around the house, many of you probably don't have a hollow metal broomstick laying around either.

While I don't care for expensive swing aids, something inexpensive like this can be useful if you have a need for it. And I like the idea that you can make this swing stick as heavy as you want (if you use a mixture of sand and ball bearings, for instance).

Of course, you could also just swing two golf clubs at once. Each to his own.

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