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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Charley Hull on Playing from the Rough (Video)

I'm back from Disneyworld, back in North Carolina. (And for the curious among you, I took a plane, not a banshee.) But I'm much more tired than I expected, so this post will be a short one.

Hopefully it's still a helpful one.

Here's Charley Hull with some tips on playing from the rough. She should be an expert on that!

Most of the tips are standard stuff -- 56° sand wedge, ball back in stance, weight more on front foot, etc. -- but her advice to chop down like a bunker shot is a bit unusual. Watch the video closely and you'll see that Charley is leaning the clubshaft forward at address, which is a different approach from most who say this is like a bunker shot.

Charley is focusing less on distance control and more on just getting the ball out of there. This is a shot you play to get safely back in play; if the ball gets close to the hole, that's a bonus.

And now I'm headed to bed. I'll be back on schedule with the Limerick Summary on Monday, and then we'll see what we can turn up going forward. But right now, I need sleep!

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