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Saturday, September 2, 2017

Even the Pros Have Bad Holes

I'm not doing this to be cruel, but I want to thank Kelly Kraft for reminding us all that (1) the pros are human and (2) everybody has a bad hole now and then. A really bad hole.

Kelly Kraft

In case you didn't hear, Kelly carded a 12 on the par-5 second hole at the Dell. That's a septuple bogey which, according to GC's summary, included three penalty strokes, two balls hit into a water hazard and a three-putt from 5 1/2 feet. also posted a play-by-play of the unfortunate score, which is the easiest way to follow what happened.

Kelly withdrew after 14 holes with a foot injury, which will likely end his FedExCup run this season. Given all the places he had to play from on that one hole, I'm not surprised at any injuries he might have gotten.

As I said, I'm not posting this to be cruel. Kelly will likely use the time to rehab and work on his game so he's ready for next season. (Hey, he made the Playoffs so he's got his card. It's not the end of the world!) We just need to remember that even pros have bad days on the course, and they survive them, so we shouldn't let a bad hole or two get to us either.

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