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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Guess Who Steve Williams's New Bag Is?

No big article today -- this news was big enough (to me, anyway) to merit its own post. Steve Williams and Adam Scott have officially stopped their "sometimes" caddying because Adam wants a single caddie from now on. So Steve is taking on another player this week...

Danielle Kang.

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Golf Digest posted a brief article about the change. But I see this as a big win for Danielle and -- given Danielle's reputation as a fun-loving player -- a breath of fresh air for Steve.

This team should be very interesting to watch for the rest of this year!


  1. Everything I've read suggests that this is just a one off because Danielle's regular caddie couldn't make the long trip to New Zealand this week and someone suggested Stevie to her because he's a local.

    1. Still, I live in hope. ;-} Imagine Danielle's game combined with Stevie's knowledge...