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Friday, September 1, 2017

In Case You Missed Tiger's Tweet (Video)

It's nice to have some good Tiger news. He's not ready to play yet, of course, but it looks like he's no longer in pain.

Unlike all the speculators, I see no reason to think Tiger will be back anytime soon. It should be clear to him and everyone else that his back is going to need some extended rehab before he considers playing tournaments again.

But it's easy to forget that Tiger's legal problems earlier this year were caused by mismanaged pain meds. If he's in good enough shape to do some pitching, the worst of the pain must be over.

I would also add that the whole sad sequence of events began earlier this year after Tiger started traveling. Consequently I don't expect him to do any traveling for quite a while. I'm just glad to see that he's finally on the mend. I think that's something to celebrate.

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