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Thursday, September 7, 2017


Not into racing? Never fear, I'll get you up to speed. ;-)

For many race fans, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (aka the Brickyard) is the home of the Indianapolis 500 (aka the Indy 500), part of the Triple Crown of Motorsport. Drivers race in IndyCars, which are similar to open cockpit Formula One cars. That's the oldest racing tradtion at the Brickyard, going back to 1911.

Being from North Carolina, I'm as likely to think of it as the home of the Brickyard 400, part of the NASCAR Series. Drivers race in "stock cars," which look very much like regular street vehicles but are much faster. This race was first run in 1994.

Now the LPGA hopes to add their name to those attached to the Brickyard when they tee it up at the Women in Tech Championship today for the first time.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway, aka the Brickyard

The golf course is the Brickyard Crossing Golf Resort, which you might be surprised to know was opened as the Speedway Golf Course in 1929. Fourteen of the holes surround the track while four are in the infield. Tony Jesselli has a preview of the event at his site.

There's really not a lot to say about the event at this point, simply because it's an inaugural event. The location of the golf course should create some excitement, and possibly the Saturday finish (this is a three-day event). I suspect there will also be some curiosity about how Stacy Lewis will play this week, after her emotional breakthrough win last week

The Women in Tech Championship starts today at 3pm ET, but GC will have a PreGame show at 2:30pm ET. I for one will be very interested to see how the course fares when the pros start racing around it.


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