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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Some Ideas for Cool Weather Golf Gear

This article over at Golf Digest lists some ideas for stylish fall golf gear. Maybe I'm just behind on the fashion scene (yes, sad but quite possibly true) but I found a couple of things that sort of surprised me.

Like puffy down jackets. Apparently they don't restrict your swing although they can make those irritating zippy noises. This Under Armour ColdGear Reactor jacket is an affordable one that isn't supposed to make noises.

Under Armour ColdGear Reactor Jacket

The other thing they mentioned was hoodies. Apparently some of the companies are making hoodies that are "safe" to wear on the golf course -- that is, they won't get you thrown off.

All-in-all, they listed 11 different types of gear that they say you should consider. For my tastes, some of it was too expensive and some was just not me. But you might find the article instructive if you're looking for something fashion-forward to spice up your golf wardrobe.

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