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Friday, October 20, 2017

In Case You Ever Need to Chip a Short Putt (Video Tweet)

In case you missed it, the PGA Tour tweeted this shot from Justin Thomas. His ball was on the 5th green, very close to the hole, but the green in front of the ball was scuffed so badly that he decided putting was out of the question. If you ever find yourself in this position, here's how to handle it with a wedge.

This same technique was used a century ago when a player's ball was "stymied" by another ball between them and the hole. This shot is only three or four feet long! Note that JT either didn't touch the green at all or touched it so gently that you can't see where the wedge's bounce scraped the green.

Learn this shot and you've got a new weapon in your arsenal. It really isn't that hard because you don't need to create power. All you have to do is make good contact.

And yes, a putting grip will work just as well with this shot as a chipping grip will. Use whichever grip works best for you.


  1. I’m a JT fan, but disappointed a little that he didn’t tap down the scuff he chipped over.