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Sunday, October 29, 2017

Lee Huntley on Getting Loose for Better Drives (Video)

LPGA instructor Lee Huntley has a simple drill you can use on the course before you hit a drive. She calls it "The 5-Swing Miracle."

Basically, you make five normal full swings without any swing thoughts at all -- all you're trying to go is get rid of excess tension. Then you make five more swings "the wrong way" -- that is, reverse your swing. (If you're right-handed, swing left-handed, and vice versa.)

Lee says reversing your grip is optional but it seems to me that it would stretch your muscles better if you did. However, that's up to you.

The idea here is that you balance the tension on both sides of your body, That way, your normal swing should be more of a free-wheeling move and you should hit a better drive.

Granted, it does seem that this should be called "The 10-Swing Miracle." But if it works for you, who cares? A miracle by any other name...