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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Of Course We Have to Talk about Tiger!

But rather than rehash old news, I'll link you to GC's article about his announced return later this year and get on with my own thoughts on the matter.

Tiger on the course

To be honest, I'm not terribly surprised that Tiger plans to tee it up at the Hero. The course is tailor-made for a test of his health and it won't require any real travel for him. And he will have incredible control over his circumstances off the course as well as on, which may be even more important for a successful return. (Remember, Louis Oosthuizen has to carry a mattress with him when he travels.)

As many of you may remember, I questioned his ambitious travel schedule so soon after his last comeback. But perhaps he learned from that little mistake. Let's hope so. If he avoids long plane flights until his back has proven it can handle short ones -- he was sore after two rounds at Torrey last year -- and sticks to domestic tourneys for a few months to be sure he knows the difference, he just might make this comeback stick.

In my opinion, listening for his back's slightest twinge and minimizing his travel for the first few months are key for him. Because I believe this very firmly -- as long as Tiger Woods has that wonderfully strategic mind of his, he can be competitive if he's physically just half of what he used to be.

And if he's patient this time, I think he'll do better than half.

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