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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Paula Creamer's Early Off-Season

For those of you who haven't heard, Paula Creamer had wrist surgery on Thursday and won't be playing anymore until next year.

Paula Creamer gets medical attention at Evian

Paula's wrist problems have been well-publicized. It was actually pretty amazing that she played so well at the Solheim Cup. Her finishes had been getting progressively worse all year (she only had one Top10) with a number of missed cuts. She hasn't played since she had to WD at Evian and after five weeks of rest without improvement (she also withdrew from the New Zealand event) she finally decided to bite the bullet and get the surgery.

You can get more details from this Golf Digest post. I'm just glad she's taken care of this injury. Michelle Wie's career problems began when she tried to play through some wrist injuries rather than getting them completely healed. I'm glad Paula's not making that mistake anymore.

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