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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Robert Damron on Short Game Setup

This is so new I couldn't even find the video. On Tuesday's Morning Drive, Robert Damron gave a neat tip to help you line up for short game shots. (The photo is from another segment and shows John Cook.)

John Cook setup

Lining up for a short game shot can be tricky. Just because you get your shoulders aligned doesn't mean the rest of you is lined up.

Damron's tip is very simple. Most players set up for short shots with their hands pretty close to their thighs. (See how Cook is set up on the left?) So, if you line up using your thighs and knees, and if you then swing your hands along your thigh and knee line, you're more likely to swing on your intended line. After all, your thighs and knees can be clearly seen, and they're the closest parts of your body to your hands.

No setup tip is foolproof, but this is a pretty sound approach. If you're having trouble getting your short shots on target, give this tip a try.