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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Brad Faxon's Round with Tiger... and DJ and Trump, of Course

Brad Faxon wrote an article for Golfweek about his round with Tiger, DJ and the Prez. The article was published late Saturday, so I want to make sure you see it.

Tiger with iron

Faxon's comments on Tiger are interesting. Not so much because he echoes what everybody else is saying -- that Tiger is hitting it long (How long? Fax says Tiger was hitting it out there with DJ. I'll have to see that for myself) -- but just his overall impressions of Tiger's demeanor.

Here are the main comments that stood out to me:
Tiger looked great to me. He was happy and, more than anything, he’s finally pain-free. The issues he had with the back the last couple of comebacks seem to be gone. He looked effortless, he looked free, he had some power... I think more than anything, he looked at ease. He was not concerned about swinging hard and going at it with driver.
Those last couple of sentences are the ones I'm most happy to see. If Tiger has accepted his need to care for his back and not try to outdrive everybody, then he has a real chance to get back in the game.

Faxon notes that we still need to temper our expectations, that casual rounds like this aren't the same as competitive rounds. I agree. Still, this sounds like good news for us golf fans. And if Tiger has truly learned to accept his limitations, it could be REALLY good news.

I am now officially excited to see how he plays at the Hero this week.

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