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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Five Specialty Metalwoods

This short Golf Digest article is nearly a month old but with Christmas coming, now is when you might need it! The article targets five new metalwoods that are tailored for specific problems various golfers face. The prices run from $200-$700.

The five specialty metalwoods

The five clubs are:
  • Tour Edge Exotics CBX, $350
  • Callaway GBB Epic Star, $700
  • Cobra F-MAX, $200
  • Titleist 818 H1, $280
  • Ping G400 SF TEC, $270
You can check out the descriptions to see which one might help you most, but it's interesting to me that the one supposedly aimed at players with slower swings -- the Callaway -- is the most expensive by a ridiculous amount.

The least expensive option, the Cobra, is also the only one listed as "full service for the flaws of average golfers." Unless one of the other clubs directly targets your main problem, this might be the first one you'll want to investigate.

It would probably be an easier sell to your potential Santa Claus as well, if you know what I mean.;-)

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