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Saturday, November 25, 2017

How Might Newer Equipment Help Tiger... and You?

Here's a Golf Digest article that might help you improve your driving -- and might help Tiger as well!

It's no secret that Tiger never really considered updating his equipment until after his back injuries. So this article looks at some of Tiger's driving stats and what kind of equipment changes might help him as he gets his game (and body) back in shape.

Tiger hitting a driver

The article is pretty technical without being difficult to understand, covering what sorts of equipment changes are available to Tiger -- and to the average golfer as well. What's really cool is how small changes in equipment can make huge differences in distance, even when you don't gain any clubhead speed!

Yeah, this is info that I think you'll all find very useful. And if Tiger is making any of these changes, he may surprise everybody when he starts playing again.

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