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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Jason Sedan's Lob Shot Drill (Video)

Lob shots give most weekend players (and some pros!) more problems than they should. To help us all out, instructor Jason Sedan filmed this simple drill for practicing lob shots.

Note Jason's starting position. His stance is slightly open and the ball is located -- more or less -- opposite his lead instep. You can get a good visual on that position from the video; I just want to call it to your attention so you WILL notice it!

To "balance" this position -- so you don't hit the ball thin -- Jason sets up with a bit more weight on his lead foot. Again, take a good look at the video. Basically he sets up with his lead shoulder slightly ahead of the ball position BUT the shaft of the club is aimed at his belly button.

Note also that he says NOTHING about opening the clubface! Although he says nothing, if you hold the wedge as he shows in the video, with the shaft leaning slightly backward away from the target, the toe of the wedge might be a bit up in the air. It depends on exactly how YOU address the ball. You may find that you need to open the wedge slightly, or you might not need to at all. Start with the face square and adjust if necessary.

From there it's just a matter of keeping your weight over your lead foot. No moving away from the target during your backswing! This isn't a power shot so there's no need to move -- you can create enough speed with just your shoulder turn and arm swing.

I like this video because it's a super simple way to practice lob shots. Once you've got this down from a standard lie, you can start practicing those Mickelson tricks you've been dying to try.

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