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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Hitting a Ball from the "Wrong" Side (video)

I found this video from instructor Jason Birnbaum's NerveWrackers series over at the Golf Digest website. I believe I've posted videos on hitting shots from the opposite side as you normally do, but I'm always up for another perspective on the task.

Here are the key points from the video:
  • Use a sand wedge because the head is large.
  • Turn the club upside down and reverse your grip -- that is, the hand that's normally at the end of the handle is now nearest the head.
  • Make a very short backswing to make sure you hit the ball in the center of the club.
  • Swing through as fast as you can without moving your head.
Here's my own thought about that last point. While you want to swing as fast as possible, you don't want to jerk the club when you start down. Rein in your desire to "explode" into the ball; try to feel as if you are slow at the "top" of your backswing and fast at impact. If you do, you'll keep your head pretty still without having to think a lot about it.

Shots from the "wrong" side of the ball are becoming more of a standard trouble shot these days. You might as well learn how to do them right.

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