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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

John Webster on Practice with a Mirror (Video)

Instructor John Webster gave this lesson on GC about a month ago. It's about what to look for when using a mirror for indoor practice.

You can get the details from the video, but John mentions three important things that you should look for:
  • Your head doesn't have to stay motionless, but it should maintain the same level throughout your swing.
  • Along the same lines, you want your spine angle to stay consistent as you swing back and through. Changing your spine angle tends to raise and lower your head.
  • Finally, you want to maintain the triangle formed by your arms and shoulders -- which really means that your hands should be over your higher shoulder at the top of both your backswing and your finish.
And perhaps this will help you if you're having trouble maintaining your spine angle and head level: As a general rule, you don't straighten up your spine and lift your head UNLESS you're straightening your knees first. So if you have trouble with your levels, check that you're keeping a slight bend in at least one of your knees throughout your turn. At the extremes of your turn, one knee will tend to straighten at least a little as you brace your trailing knee on the backswing or "post up" your lead knee at impact.

If you can develop a better posture with John's mirror tips, your game will probably be noticeably better this spring.