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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Some Newsy Bits about Various Events

With so much golf getting underway this week, I thought I'd post a few notes I've picked up that may affect your viewing choices.

Newly redone par-5 13th hole at Waialae

First, Sony Open: The above photo is from the new tee on the redone par-5 13th hole at Waialae. The tee has been moved up so the hole can play as a 477-yard par-4. I believe they've redone three other holes as well, which should give the players at least a moment's pause to reconsider their strategies. Starts later today (Thursday).

Next, Diamond Resorts Invitational: The biggest news here is that this will be Gerina Piller's only event this year. She's 23 weeks pregnant -- most of you already knew that -- and she told the Morning Drive crew that she's taking the entire rest of the year off. If you want to watch her play, this week is your only chance in 2018. Starts Friday.

Then, Eurasia Cup: When I mentioned the BMW SA Open in yesterday's post, I forgot that the Eurasia Cup will also be played this weekend, except it starts on Friday. It's been played in Malaysia the last two times. (You guys do remember that it's a Ryder Cup-style event between Europe and Asia, right?) This is only the third edition of the event, and Europe is the defending champ. If you want to see Henrik Stenson, this is the event you want to watch.

Although I can't find it on GC's TV schedule, they did say they would be carrying it -- as I remember, right after Morning Drive. Presumably, that will be Friday morning.

Finally, Tour: The first couple of Tour events will be carried on GC. The first one, the Bahamas Great Exuma Classic, starts Saturday and runs through Tuesday. This is part of the Tour's attempts to get new viewers by finishing between the other tours' events. You may remember the horrible weather that affected this event last year. That unpredictability could make for another interesting event this year.

Those are the main things I wanted to mention. Forgive me for not posting times, but I'm not certain I trust the schedule at since the Eurasia Cup isn't even listed. If they are carrying it (as they said), there have to be some incorrect listings in the schedule!