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Monday, January 8, 2018

The Limerick Summary: 2018 Sentry Tournament of Champions

Winner: Dustin Johnson

Around the wider world of golf: I don't know of any other events this week. The year is young!

Dustin Johnson with Sentry ToC trophy

Well, yesterday I wrote that if Dustin Johnson was "on" at the Tournament of Champions, he could take the title easily. However, I thought there might be an upset in the making, simply because big leads -- especially in the first event of the year -- can be tricky to hold. My feeling was based on him possibly being rusty.

Shows how much I know. DJ posted the biggest win of his career, winning by eight shots in warm but soggy weather.

Now I wasn't the only one who considered a possible upset. Some analysts wondered if DJ's collapse at the WGC-China would eat at his confidence. They mentioned his record of 4-7 when leading after 54 holes. But THAT Dustin Johnson doesn't exist anymore.

At least, it's not a mental issue when he loses these days. It may be equipment problems or physical problems or simply the fact that nobody wins all the time. But DJ has enough positive performances in his memory banks that he isn't going to just crack under pressure.

The rest of the field might have had a chance if he did. Don't be counting on that, folks. DJ is healthy again and he knows he's not going to re-injure himself. This year may end up being the year we expected from him in 2017.

I think this Limerick Summary is only his first of the 2018 season. The rest of the Tour better buckle their seat belts -- it may be a rough ride for them!
With his back pain a thing of the past,
DJ’s lead at the start grew so fast
That the field groaned in shock—
‘Cause the golf course he walked
Didn’t play like the course where THEY crashed!
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