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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Adam Kolloff on Hitting Hybrids

Golf Digest instructor Adam Kolloff recently wrote a short article called Get The Most Out Of Your Hybrid. It focuses on hitting hybrids from the rough.

Gripping a hybrid

Kolloff has four tips to improve your hybrid play from the rough.
  1. Keep a firm grip so the face doesn't twist open or closed.
  2. Play the ball in the center of your stance.
  3. Don't sway off the ball. Try to stay very steady over the shot so you can hit down sharply on it.
  4. Be sure to accelerate through the rough.
That tip about playing the ball in the center of your stance is important. Kolloff says that too many players try to play the ball forward like a fairway wood, but I imagine just as many set up with the ball too far back in their stance like a wedge. Hybrids have straighter faces than wedges, so playing the ball too far back can drive it deeper into the rough rather than popping it out of the grass.

These are simple things, I know. But it's usually the simple things that trip us up.

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