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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Graeme McDowell on the 100-Yard Pitch Shot (Video)

Since Graeme is tied for the lead at the Genesis Open, I thought it a good time to post a tip from him. This is a Golf Monthly video on how he plays 100-yard pitch shots.

The biggest thing I want you to take away from this tip is that Graeme likes to have AT LEAST TWO WAYS to play each of his yardages under 150 yards. One of those is a full throttle shot that spins like the devil but isn't necessarily his most accurate, the other a shoulder-height shot that he can control well. (Shoulder height is an easy length for most players to feel.) The hard shot is played with the higher-lofted wedge, the partial shot with a lower-lofted wedge.

Graeme chooses which one to use based on pin position. He uses the hard spinny shot for front pin positions and the partial shot for pins that are farther back on the green. (That partial shot is going to roll out a bit because it's not spinning as hard.)

He's certainly getting good use out of his wedges at Riviera, where it's really tough to get close to the pin positions. Be sure to watch and see if you can pick out which holes he uses partial shots on and which get the full-bore wedge.

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