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Friday, February 9, 2018

Martin Hall on Wrist Action (Video)

This is the Home School video Martin posted on Thursday, teaching you wrist action using a spatula. While I definitely see some virtue in it, I question the wisdom of using it exactly the way he suggests. Here's the video:

I'm okay with the idea that the spatula gives you a tactile sense of how your trailing wrist behaves during your downswing through impact. But if you hold the angle as long as Martin suggests, that bothers me. Let me explain.

Your trailing elbow is still straightening at impact, so it makes sense that you would still have some bend in it. But you continue to retain that angle after impact, you'll have to resist the natural movement of your wrists. The butt of the club shaft should be pointing at your belly button shortly after impact -- and I believe Martin himself has said so on his show -- and that simply won't happen if you manage to retain that wrist angle past impact. You'll actually reduce your clubhead speed if you try.

Look, I understand why he says this. Too many people flip their wrists at impact, and Martin doesn't want you to do that... and I agree with him. But if you do flip your wrists, it's because you've stopped turning your upper body toward the target at impact. If your upper body keeps turning -- as the old saw goes, "belly button to target" -- then you won't flip your wrists.

I'm not telling you that you shouldn't use Martin's drill. It can definitely help you learn how your wrists should move until you hit the ball. But trying to hold that angle past impact will hinder your release and reduce your clubhead speed. Just be aware of that.


  1. Maybe Oneda's tip from LPGA clinics will make us aware, or this one


    1. Thanks, Phil. Those are both good videos that show how important the body rotation is. And you can see (in both videos) that her trailing wrist IS slightly bent at impact but it releases as she swings through. Love those LPGA pros!