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Sunday, February 25, 2018

The High Heat Driver

Today I'm posting a link to about a new version of Knuth Golf's High Heat Driver. I'm sure it's been covered by somebody somewhere, but this article is only a couple of days old.

Knuth Golf’s High Heat Driver

This new version of the High Heat Driver has been redesigned so the "sweet spot" covers virtually the entire face. Knuth managed this by taking advantage of some new USGA changes to the "CT" Rule -- for us normal folks, that's the rule that regulates the trampoline effect. The short version is that the new design produces a 1.41 smash factor all over the face, which translates to around an extra 20 yards.

The article goes into considerable detail if you're interested . There will also be fairway woods and hybrids, and they're all supposed to be available in April. The driver will apparently cost around $500, the fairway woods $450 and the hybrids $260-ish..

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